It has always been a great pleasure to walk around our Tony Urquhart exhibitions and observe our wonderful guests share their amazement and delight at the artist’s fascinating works. Urquhart’s art takes on much more excitement than its pure physical beauty; each artwork is an exercise in interpretation.

James Rottman Fine Art highlights Tony Urquhart’s incredible painting “Curtain #1”

Tony Urquhart, Curtain #1, 2013,
acrylic and oil on board, 34 in x 34 in,
signed and dated.
Price: $6,500.00
Exhibited: Material Discoveries, Tony Urquhart, Henry Saxe and Douglas Haynes. 2016.

Tony Urquhart’s incredible painting titled “Curtain #1” is rich both in physical allure and hidden meaning. In Urquhart’s Curtain paintings the artist explores themes of the natural world, particularly the growth and decay of trees. For Tony, the idea of growth, regeneration, and decay in the natural world has always been an important theme hinted at in his drawings, etchings, paintings and sculpture over decades of art making. In Curtain #1 (reproduced above), the artist explores the idea of regeneration, new growth budding above the earth’s surface, an old existing tree root struggles to survive and re-awaken. Tony Urquhart appears to be more interested in the mysteries that lie beneath the earth’s surface and beyond the physical world.

These Curtain paintings are beautiful objects to explore both for their ideas and the artist’s mastery of techniques. The paint surfaces are so delicately handled by the artist, Urquhart creates a tactile sensibility in these paintings, creating depth of field through the gorgeous build up of paint. Tony Urquhart works every conceivable square inch of his creations, in both his paintings and sculptures, including the hand decorated and painted frames that become an integral part of the artwork. Urquhart’s paintings and sculptures are so unique to Canadian art that one would immediately recognize his work hanging or installed in a public institute or commercial gallery setting. Tony Urquhart’s creations stand alone, unique and provocative, securing their legacy in the pantheon of Canadian modern art.

James Rottman Fine Art carries a significant inventory of historical artworks by Tony Urquhart. Do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries regarding this artwork or other works by Tony Urquhart.