Buying and Selling

Looking to Sell your Canadian Art?

James Rottman Fine Art buys and sells Canadian art at fair market value. James Rottman Fine Art manages the sales of clients’ art work and will achieve the highest price for your Canadian art. James Rottman Fine Art can sell your art work to its network of clients and associates across the country.

Questions to Ask Before Selling

Do You Know…

  • where and how to sell your Canadian art to achieve the highest price in the marketplace?
  • why certain Canadian artists’ works are more valuable than others?
  • if a specific work of art is valuable?
  • the present market value of the artwork that you are selling?
  • if an artwork has been evaluated fairly?

James Rottman Fine Art takes all the necessary steps to make a client’s experience of buying and selling art as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  • we will take the time to understand each individual client’s needs.
  • we assist in developing Canadian art collections by securing important works.
  • we work within each individual client’s budgets, big or small.
  • we offer seminars/presentations for corporate clients.

James Rottman Fine Art has 17 years of expertise selling and buying art on an international level.

Additional Services

  • Inventory of important Canadian post-war and contemporary art
  • Consultation
  • Presentations/seminars offered to corporate and private clients
  • Management of collections
  • Market value evaluations, insurance appraisals, and museum donation appraisals
  • Installing and hanging artworks
  • Transportation of artworks
  • Offers professional art restoration services when necessary
  • Offers framing services
  • Representing the sale and consignment of clients’ individual artwork and/or entire collections
  • Purchasing Canadian historical, post-war and contemporary works of art