Jean McEwen, Autoportrait, 1980, Ocre et Rouge #6

Jean McEwen, Autoportrait, 1980, Ocre et Rouge #6,
oil on canvas, 70 in x 50 in,
signed, titled and dated verso.
Price: $45,000.00
Provenance: Marlborough-Godard Gallery, Toronto, gallery labels verso.

Celebrated historical Canadian abstract artist Jean McEwen displays the successes of his creative endeavors in this beautiful 1980 canvas titled “Autoportrait, Ocre et Rouge #6 (reproduced above). This Jean McEwen painting evokes the memory of a magnificent spring garden teeming with blooms of sensational mint greens, yellows, soft pinks and mauves. A hint of sky blue and cardinal red along the borders of the canvas pull our attention away momentarily from the tranquil spring garden to a more expansive space. It is a glorious painting full of optimism and light. A painting that constitutes the high point of an artist’s career. Constance Naubert-Riser notes “What has been central to Jean McEwen’s approach in painting is the sensuality of his painting that has its source in the effects of coloured texture.” 1

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1Constance Naubert-Riser, Jean McEwen, Colour in Depth, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec, 1987, pg.’s 39 and 47, 1