“Charles Sucsan translates his unique vision of the world onto the canvas using a hybrid of graffiti-style painting where figures dance along the surface with exuberance, expressions ripe with colour, a world created by the artist that is poetic and beautiful.”

Charles Sucsan

Charles Sucsan, 2008, Gathering People in Red Lines
oil on canvas, 30 in x 40 in,
Exhibited: New York, 2010.
Price: $8,000.00

Born in 1932 in Paris to Hungarian parents, Charles Sucsan studied painting and ceramics as an art student in France. The artist apprenticed at the studio of Florencio Fernandez, a master ceramist and close friend to Pablo Picasso. Sucsan moved to Montreal in 1952 to pursue a career in the arts. Sucsan is a multi-disciplinary artist, working across mediums; producing paintings, ceramics, murals and sculpture. From 1960 to 1975 the artist was selected to create several large public and private murals in Montreal and Quebec. The artist’s work has been collected and exhibited across Canada and internationally. Most recently Sucsan’s artwork was selected for a solo exhibition at the Quebec Government Offices in London, England in 2019. We are delighted to work with Charles Sucsan and look forward to exhibiting his artwork in Toronto, Canada.

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