James Rottman Fine Art highlights our year in 2020

Tom Hodgson, 1961, Abstract,
oil on canvas on masonite, 24 in x 18 in,
signed and dated recto bottom.
Price: $15,000.00

Well, let’s start by agreeing that it has been a crazy and challenging year for so many of us around the world, with the COVID virus affecting us on a global level. The presence of the COVID virus in 2020 has forced people and businesses to adapt, transition, evolve and exist in a different manner than we have been accustomed to. Because of the ongoing quarantines in the past year, businesses everywhere have been forced to enhance their online digital platforms in order to move forward. Most of us in 2020 chose to shop online for goods and services to minimize personal contact

Historically, so much about the art business and art collecting has been about relationships. In 2020 James Rottman Fine Art continued to place important twentieth-century Canadian masterworks in to our clients’ art collections. However, gallerists and art dealers globally have had to discover new ways in which to communicate, engage and serve our clients in an easy, enjoyable and professional manner. Like all industries, the art industry was forced to transition online quickly. We had to enhance our online platforms to establish creative ways in which to engage our audience. In 2020 James Rottman Fine Art is proud to have launched a full e-commerce online digital platform, a platform that provides a visually and intellectually engaging, and insightful experience for our clients. With our new enhanced platform, we can now video stream a piece of art on an interior wall for our clients, place art into virtual home settings, and offer a client live viewings of a piece of art through video conferencing. Our new digital platform also offers our clients other important features to help enhance and enjoy viewing and to purchase works of art online directly through our website. Zoom-in features and high-resolution detailed images are available for every artwork on our website. “View in a Room” features, and video conferencing available, and of course the old-fashioned email and phone call are always available to our clients to learn more about a special Canadian artwork offered on our website. James Rottman Fine Art looks forward to introducing some fabulous Canadian artists and artworks to our online gallery in the new year. Have a safe and happy holiday season and new year!

For any inquiries please do not hesitate to CONTACT US, or call us directly at 416-893-5784