Takao Tanabe

Takao Tanabe, 1979, Summer Foothills, Evening,
acrylic on canvas, 66 in. x 45 in.,
Signed, titled and dated verso.
Marlborough-Godard Gallery, Toronto/Montreal.
Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto/Calgary.
Price: $45,500.00

2018 was an exciting year for James Rottman Fine Art, with our well-received feature exhibition highlighting the works of celebrated Canadian artists Tony Urquhart, Henry Saxe and Douglas Haynes. It was also a strong year in art sales for James Rottman Fine Art for a number of important Canadian artists’ works. We recognized a keen interest in a group of particularly well established senior Canadian contemporary artists including Takao Tanabe, Gordon Appelbe Smith, Ronald Bloore, Alex Janvier, Sorel Etrog, Rita Letendre and members of Painters 11.

Takao Tanabe’s work provides a unique modernist perspective on the Canadian landscape. Highlights of our sales of Takao Tanabe’s works included a Banff work from 1973, a gorgeous Gulf Islands painting from 1992, and an early exquisite abstracted landscape on paper.

Another west coast artist that generated considerable interest in 2018 is Gordon Appelbe Smith. Gordon Smith’s strong early abstract paintings from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, as well as his gorgeous abstracted seascape paintings from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, sold well this year.

The National Gallery of Canada’s exhibition in 2018 featuring Dene artist Alex Janvier introduced his work to new viewers and increased appreciation of his talent. Collectors took a closer look at Janvier’s work for their own collections. We sold a number of superb works by Alex Janvier from our inventory this past year.

Ronald Bloore, the thoughtful white on white abstract painter and member of the “Regina Five” was also a favourite with our clients in 2018. There is continued interest for the quiet, meticulous works of the 1960’s and 1970’s, which are important to the early history of abstract art in Canada. Some of our gorgeous Bloore works now complement some terrific Canadian post-war collections.

Tony Urquhart’s work was featured in our exhibition this fall, including the recent “Fragments” series of 2018, as well as a fascinating series of unique hand coloured etchings. James Rottman Fine Art collaborated on a video portrait of Tony Urquhart, “Intimate Worlds, Portrait of a Great Canadian Artist”. Our fabulous artist Tony Urquhart enhanced our clients’ art collections with his engaging mixed media works and intimate small pen and ink drawings.

James Rottman Fine Art continues to see continued interest across the country for the “Painters Eleven” group. Several of our “P11” artworks were purchased by superb art collections in Canada. A gorgeous period Jock Macdonald painting went to an astute and sharp eyed collector who is filling gaps in their gorgeous art collection. Kazuo Nakamura’s serene landscape paintings were popular with clients as well. Collectors are attracted to Nakamura’s soft and impressionistic approach to the Canadian landscape. We also witnessed William Ronald’s colourful and wildly abstract expressionist paintings light up homes of our collectors this past year. With Ronald’s confident and terrific all over approach to painting, these paintings certainly create a bold statement in any room.

Sorel Etrog’s handsome bronze maquettes continued to garner attention in 2018. Etrog’s small works embody the strength and vitality of his large scale works, but have the advantage of filling small intimate spaces.

Rita Letendre celebrated her 90th birthday this year. Letendre’s paintings have always been a favourite with Canadian art collectors and Canadian art curators due to their unique application and use of colour, heavily painted surfaces and gestural, energetic brush strokes. We were delighted to find homes for her exciting paintings with our clients this past year.

James Rottman Fine art has recognized a more discerning approach to collecting exceptional works by our clients in 2018. We are thrilled to continue working with our clients in 2019 as we continue to build exciting and important Canadian art collections, while providing top quality service and unparalleled expertise.

We wish everyone a great holiday season and a happy new year. We look forward to providing significant Canadian artworks and expert advice to our clients in 2019. For any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us, or call us directly at 416-893-5784.