Aidan Urquhart

Aidan Urquhart, Calling You #6, 2021
acrylic on canvas, 36 in. x 24 in.,
signed and dated recto, titled verso.
Price: $3500.00

Aidan Urquhart’s work is iconic in its deployment of readily familiar symbols. In Aidan’s most recent body of work titled “Calling You”, we see a playful and exuberant artist looking back in time. In this series, Urquhart playfully focuses on the rotary phone, a tool of communication that represents a different era for the artist. Aidan is nostalgic for vintage products; motorcycles, toasters, old rubber boots, even kids toys. It is not uncommon for the artist to choose particular commercial objects and build a series around them. We have seen this similar practise in the artist’s Domestic Target series, where Aidan playfully explores the meaning of household products and equipment. Aidan Urquhart is an incredible contemporary artist and thinker who playfully reconfigures segments of contemporary thought in to fun, witty and colourful visual representations. This new body of work is full of provocative questions that are masked behind layers of eye dazzling colour and playful riffs on present day lifestyles.

Aidan Urquhart describes his influences and approach to artmaking, “As a full participant of the media, internet and television age, I take an acute interest in the information overload that bombards us on a daily basis. My approach is to confront and cannibalize this information and distill it through my work in collage, drawing, painting, installation, mail-art projects and multi-media. The results often surprise even myself and is a great testament to the idea that the celebration of the everyday can rise above the rudimentary and shine light on what we often overlook or take for granted.”

Aidan Urquhart’s work can be found in numerous public and private collections including the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Museum London, London, On, The McIntosh Gallery, St.Thomas/Elgin Art Centre, The National Archives – Ottawa, and the Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, ON.

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