James Rottman Fine Art highlights Pluie de Bonheur by Jesus Carlos de Vilallonga

Jesus Carlos de Vilallonga, Pluie de Bonheur,
egg tempera on masonite, 20 in x 16 in.,
Price: $4750.00
Provenance: Painting reproduced in “Vilallonga, Cloister of Dreams”, page 226, Daniel-Giralt Miracle, Luis de Moura Sobral, 1993.

Jesus Carlos de Vilallonga was a painter of ambience and atmosphere. He was also an artist of themes, the creator of a self-contained world, who moves – like a novelist or film maker – within an easily identifiable landscape: the reflection of his unique personality as creator. Stories make up his world, sometimes they are real but often they are dreams or allegories. Narrated in a frequently sad or melancholy tone, they never become tragic or violent. Throughout the artist’s career, his progressive accentuation of the oneiric qualities and the pronounced graphic structure of his compositions are as surprising as his consistent exploration of many of the same themes.1

Pluie de Bonheur (reproduced above), is composed of a gorgeous kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, and designs ,the figure, both human and animal, are highly stylized creations. In this fabulous painting the artist builds up an array of surface textures using egg tempera as his choice of medium. Jesus Carlos de Vilallonga’s paintings manage to surprise and entertain, leaving the viewer amazed and intrigued by the artist’s vision of a uniquely personal world that has progressed over five decades of art making.

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1Daniel Giralt Miracle, Luis de Moura Sobral, Vilallonga, Cloister of Dreams, 1993, pg.’s 12 – 14.